Saturday, June 7, 2014

Glarkly's moving

Hello dear reader, the blog you have come to enjoy is no longer here. As of today A Glass Darkly will continue over at WordPress. The new address is I'm making the move to take advantage of WordPress' various features, and because it's a more powerful community platform.

That's not to say that Blogger hasn't been good to me. It's hosted this blog from its beginning and given me a place to put my writing. Without that people like you would never have read any of it. And, because of you this blog reached over 10,000 views. Thanks!

Now. For the foreseeable future, this blog will continue to exist on Blogger. However, it will only be an archive of past entries. For everything new (and old) for A Glass Darkly, come check out

Thanks again!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

A Glass Darkly Going into 2013

I'll make this short, and sweet. I'm no longer going to be updating this blog regularly. I will post editorial pieces and reviews (of movies, games, and books) as they get written, but for now all of my blogging energy is going to Tongues in Jars and Going Box by Box.

So, enjoy what's here, and check out my two other blogs as well!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The future of A Glass Darkly

I know that I originally planned to re-launch this blog and Tongues in Jars for December, but recently my time has been short. I'll spare you the regular spiel about working three jobs and planning to move out and etc., etc. The shortest possible version is that I just haven't really figured out exactly what I want to do with A Glass Darkly going forward.

Now, I'm still going to blog (as is plain in my resuming regular updates at Tongues in Jars).

However, the big difference between my blogging in the future and my blogging in the past is that I'm only going to dedicate 1/4 of my writing time and energy to blogging. The other 3/4 are going to my novels, short stories, and poetry. Nonetheless, I want to keep updating these blog regularly. The best way to do this, as far as I've been able to figure, is to simply write more fluid entries.

So, rather than sitting down, planning out, strenuously editing and drafting each blog entry, from now on my entries will be shorter. Ultimately, the purpose of these blogs is to publicly indulge my hobbies, and to give you all a way to get to know me and what to expect from my writing. My blog entries will still have the usual polish, though the fiction and poetry I post here will still be drafts and thus a little unpolished. Think of them as the sketches that artists might post on their sites.

The new year's also going to bring some changes to A Glass Darkly's design and, possibly, name. I'll still post creative writing on Mondays, editorials will return on Wednesdays, and reviews will go up on Fridays. These reviews will mostly be of books, but there'll still be some movie reviews sprinkled in for good measure. But, these entries won't necessarily be regular.

Along with these irregular entries, the plan right now is to post thought pieces based on what I'm playing and reading every day. I've got a crazy book/video game backlog, and so there's plenty of fodder for free-writing. The difference between these entries and Wednesday's editorials will be that the former will be free-flowing wanderings with words, while the latter will usually be more concentrated mini-essays that try to make a point.

So, now that all that's out there - what about the rest of December? Well, for now all I can say is that I don't expect to get much up and running here. I might do one final movie review, either of a bad Christmas movie or of the famous flop Ishtar, but doing either seems unlikely. Instead, I can say for sure that Tongues in Jars will keep getting updated on a weekly basis, and I'll be publishing an article over on every week as well.

So, watch this space, gentle reader, and something will appear!

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Monday, December 3, 2012

A Quick One

A proper update/entry is coming soon! For now, all I can say is that the purpose of this blog, and of Tongues in Jars is going to change come the new year. Plus, I'll be starting up a third, much more minimalistic blog as well.

Details coming soon!