Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Annotated Links #6: A Simulated Pair

1. Barnswell, Helen. "Simulation laboratory a cutting-edge tool in training surgeons." Winnipeg Free Press 9 July 2012. Web. 11 July 2012.

Drs. Teodor Grantcharov and Vanessa Palter have released a study comparing surgeons with and without virtual surgery training. According to this study, simulations increase the confidence and overall performance of new surgeons. The article offers almost no counter-argument or counter point, and implies that simulation training is unquestionably the best practice. The article's style is conversational and it's sprinkled throughout with quotations.

2. "Simulations at the Texas Advanced Computing Center Assist Alzheimer's Research." HPC Wire 10 July 2012. Web. 11 July 2012.

Joan-Emma Shea, professor of chemistry and biochemistry at the University of California, Santa Barbara, has been running simulations of misfolded proteins in the brain related to Alzheimers on the supercomputer Ranger since 2007. Based on these simulations, Professor Shea has discovered that the proteins' precursors, known as oligomers, may be closer to the cause of Alzheimers than the actual misfolded proteins themselves This article is written in plain English, but makes liberal use of technical terms (all of which it defines).

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Check back here tomorrow for an editorial on some of the newest news and on Friday for part two of Nicolas Cage month - the search for the good in Season of the Witch. Plus, there'll be more annotated links on Thursday.

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