Wednesday, January 4, 2012

[Wōdnes-dæg] Reflections for the Year Ahead

Reflecting on the past can lead to some lessons and that's perfectly in line with today's theme.

Looking back on 2011, I think that the most important things that I've learned are that I have what it takes to make money from writing, that I need to focus my efforts on a small number of things in order to succeed at those things, and that more formal education without a set of clear plans for its use or application is just another form of procrastination.

With those three lessons in mind, here are my goals, for the year of 2012.

Goal the first. To trim the fat with my writing thus far and to become a regular member of a minimum of writing websites. For far too long have I been spreading myself thin trying this that and the other when it comes to content generation or freelancing job boards.

I know that I'll need to have multiple things on the go to be successful, to be profitable, but I also know that I need to have focus to make sure that my output is good. Constant Content stays, as does Elance, Guru, and maybe ODesk. But examiner might get cut. The tax stuff just isn't really worth it if I'm only going to be making cents or dollars a month. At least with the others payment will be going into paypal or through some other means to me. Demand Studios will still be checked, but no work will be expected, not until I can claw my average up.

Goal the second. To edit my NaNoWriMo projects from 2011 and from 2006 so that they are ready for querying and submitting to publishers both big and small.

Goal the third. To complete and edit the fourth book in the series that I am currently at work on, and to complete the fifth and final book in draft.

Goal the fourth. To inquire to all of the colleges in Ontario regarding openings for Communications Professors, those unsung heroes who put forth their best efforts to teach the youth of today how to write like the youth of yesterday. Because there are so many of these colleges in the province I expect that there will be some bites at what I cast out into the mix, and this really excites me.

Goal the fifth. To break into the video game reviewing industry alongside all of my other endeavours. This doesn't mean that I'll be starring in witty or angry videos in which the quibbles that I have with old and/or new games will be hilariously laid out, but rather that I'll be looking to get my reviews into print.

I know video games well, as much as I've tried to push this passion aside over the past few years, but even now even having access to a console is a pretty big inspiration for me. Add my training in criticism and analysis to this passion for games and mix in a desire to make my way through life as a writer and the outcome is quite clear: video game reviewer.

Timeliness might be a problem since I have yet to play a lot of the games in my library, but I'm sure that the internet and I can find a way to work it out.

So those are my five goals for the new year. Of course, there are other things that I plan to do this year (type up poetry notebooks, maybe get a manuscript/chapbook together; help some friends out with a children's book), but those goals listed above are the big five that revolve mostly around me and my own career and life paths.

Teacher's college is also currently in the mix, but depending on how things go with my writing I might just opt out of more schooling only to graduate into a world that still turns up its nose at the letters after my name. Your loss, corporate world, your loss.

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