Thursday, June 21, 2012

Annotated Links #1: Ladies and Medievalism

Why is this here?

"Annotated Links" is a new feature here on the blog. It's being started in part to share links that readers might find interesting, and to get more stuff posted here while also helping me to keep some time free for other projects.

Expect 2-3 links every Tuesday and Thursday, complete with annotation. And, in the interest of cohesion, these links will share at least some small thing in common.

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The Links

1. Debnath, Neela. "Interview with ‘Game of Thrones’ star Natalia Tena." The Independent (Blog) 13 June 2012. Web. 22 June 2012

An article about an interview that the author held with Natalia Tena at Collectormania 2012. Tena argues for more male nudity in a Game of Thrones for the sake of equality in the series. Debnath also asks about Tena's other current projects. The author approaches a Game of Thrones from a second hand perspective.

2. "Catholic nuns: Taking on Rome and Republicans." Al-Jazeera 21 June 2012. Web. 22 June 2012

A quick summary of why Catholic nuns are opposing the Republican budget. It gives the perspective of Congressman Paul Ryan extensively, while giving a sense of the opposition to the budget that extends beyond the nuns alone. Written in a direct style, this article provides an overview of several perspectives on the issue of the poor in America and what Catholic nuns should be doing, but does not go in depth with any of them. It also includes a 25 minute long video clip.

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Check back here tomorrow to read through my hunt for the good in The Last Airbender!

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