Thursday, August 9, 2012

Annotated Links #15: Refreshing Language, Renewing Knowledge

1. Doll, Jen. "A Dictionary of Despicable Words." The Atlantic Wire 7 August 2012. Web. 10 August 2012.

This is a list of despised words that readers of The Atlantic Wire have contributed. Each word's entry includes a brief description of why it is so reviled. The list and its introduction are written in a conversational, lightly humourous style.

This article is included because it offers a cross-section of the English words that many would like to see left behind.

2. Carswell, Beth. "Singularity & Co: Saving Out-of-Print Science Fiction." Abe Books 8 August 2012. Web. 10 August 2012.

Details how a group called Singularity & Co. is going to start a bookstore online and in Brooklyn, New York that will feature one new, formerly out-of-print science fiction book every month. Each month the group is accepting votes and suggestions on titles to bring back and has pledged to bring back whichever book has the greatest support. The article is written in a straightforward style and includes a lengthy excerpt from Singularity & Co. themselves.

The article is included in this Annotated Links because this project is incredible and deserves as much support as possible. It's also in keeping with today's theme of refreshing old knowledge. If they expand into fantasy, it could make Eve Forward's Villains By Necessity much easier to find.

3. "Cataclysmic volcano wreaked havoc on medieval Britain." Medieval News 6 August 2012. Web. 10 August 2012.

A volcano that erupted somewhere in the tropics during the 13th century is believed to have affected distant London. This eruption may be the reason for the heavy rains, crop failure, and famine noted in thirteenth century records, or so archaeologists who have been baffled by medieval London burial pits believe. This article is written in a crisp, English style of reportage.

Although it's not about language, this article is all about new discoveries altering existing knowledge.

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