Sunday, September 30, 2012

[Sunnan-dæg] The Last of it's Name

These look back/look ahead entries have proven to be less useful than anticipated. Because the lists that get posted here are seldom worked on over the course of the week, and part of each of the last three Sundays have been consumed by these entries to little avail, I'm going to be stopping their posting all together.

However, as one final list, here's what I'm planning on doing between now and the end of the calendar year:

  • Outline and completed Dekar 4
  • Outline and completed Dekar 5
  • Edit and made publicly presentable a very loosely autobiographical novel about an English teacher in South Korea
  • Edit and made publicly presentable a poetic novel about mythological creatures
  • Edit and made publicly presentable an epic poem about a night in the life of a dishwasher
  • Gather and organized all of my poetry
  • Gather and organized all of my short stories
  • Have 3 short stories accepted for publication
  • Have 1 poem accepted for publication

As you might've guessed from such a list of creative writing-related tasks, I'm dropping this update from my blogging schedule so that I can have more time for my fiction and poetry writing.

However, as counter productive as it may seem, I'm still planning to start a video game playlog over over the coming weeks.

Until then keep checking out this blog and my dead language translation blog Tongues in Jars.

The former/The latter has the usual creative writing on Monday, movie review on Friday (this week: The Screaming Skull), and "annotated links" on Saturday. And over at Tongues in Jars, you'll be able to find the second stanza of "Dum Diane vitrea" on Tuesday, and the first of Wiglaf's reactions to Beowulf's death on Thursday.

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